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Topics: Keira Knightley, Actor, Pride & Prejudice Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Dear Editor,
The reason I’m writing is to give you some information about famous people and to express my thoughts about it. To begin with, I know many famous people in our world. They try to do their best to become such. My favourite personality is the British actress Keira Knightley. I think that Keira is the best combination of beauty and talent. Her acting amazes me, her actions make me speechless, her voice can attract anybody’s attention. She worked very hard and collaborated with the most famous actors and became one of them very quickly. She played and is still playing in very popular movies with the most known directors and that’s why she is very famous. The most popular her roles are in the films “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Ana Karenina”. So, I want to say that Keira is very famous and popular nowadays. I usually get information about this person from the Internet, TV, some magazines and newspapers. Also, my friends are fond of her talent, so we often tell each other different facts about her life and exchange different information. We know everything about her work and private life. As far as I’m concerned, I would not like to be famous. There are many reasons why I think so. Firstly, I think, it is very hard to be famous. Every time you must know that you are an example to follow by many. So, you should avoid some situations in which you can’t attract your fans and abandon the usual look. Secondly, every time you can be pursued by paparazzi, that’s why you won’t be able to feel good in your daily life and work. Also, your fans will spy on you in every possible way. You will feel tired giving them your autographs. And lastly and most importantly, everyone will know everything about your life. Your private life will be public and you won’t be able to hide some facts, which are very dear to you. In addition, I think that to be a famous person is not an easy task. So, people who work hard, must be successful in their life,...
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