Fear of a Black President

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, White people Pages: 4 (1587 words) Published: September 4, 2013
The Underrepresented, the Unappreciated and the Misunderstood We live in a world that revolves around racism. Every single person we encounter comes with a set of predispositions based solely on race that society has constructed. In his article “Fear of a Black President”, Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses how America conveys the false idea that racism is extinct simply because our president is Black. But how could racism be over when Americans constantly use racialization to marginalize one another? The harsh reality is that every race faces some form of discrimination and unless we acknowledge this; racism will remain inevitable in American society. One group that constantly faces racial persecution is African Americans. A recent incident which rekindled the racial controversy was the death of Treyvon Martin. Treyvon was a young African American boy who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic-White, who perceived Martin as a threat. But this leaves one question, what made him a threat? Was it his black skin hidden by a hoodie that made him look dangerous? Sadly, Treyvon was killed because of social stereotypes placed upon African Americans. Americans have stated that “racism no longer exists.” Unfortunately, racism still exists and is very strong in our communities, people of color suffer from many disadvantages because of the racism of others. Racism brings upon the belief that Black people are not hard working, and so come with the stereotype that they would not be good employees, thus making it harder for them to find a job and climb the social ladder leading to a better life – all this because of what other people are judging based solely on their skin color. Racism is far from extinct. In Rex E. Huppkee’s article in the Chicago Times entitled “Saying ‘racism is over’ is the new saying you have 'a black friend'” he quotes a man who states that “People who believe the Progressive storyline that America is a racist society believe it because they want to...
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