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Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Faculty of Business

School of Account and Finance

AF 2504
Introduction to Business Law

Case Analysis Report

Case Study: FISHER v BELL [1961]1 Q.B.394

Submitted to Lecturer: Sandy SABAPATHY

Team members:
1. Case Name: Fisher v. Bell
2. Is it a civil case or criminal case?
Under the common law system, Various cases can be broadly divided in to two categories which are criminal case and civil case.
Referring to the case of "Fisher v. Bell", Mr. Bell breached the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act which are consider as an offence under the definition of Criminal Law. In addition, Mr. Bell are prosecuted by Inspector George Fisher who represented the government in this case. Hence, this case should be treated as criminal case. 3. Who are the parties?

Plaintiff (prosecutor): Chief Inspector George Fisher
Defendant: James Charles bell ( the Bell Music retail shopkeeper) 4.Where was the trial Proceeding held?
Under the English Legal system, the magistrates court are mainly deal with most summary offences, such as traffic offences, breach of contract and common assault...etc In the case of "Fisher v. Bell", it was held at the Magistrates court at the beginning. But the justices of Magistrates court concluded that is no offence had been committed and dismissed information in this case. Afterwards, the prosecutor are made application for appeal to the Crown court.

5. Which courts considered this case before the current court and what did they decide? for this case, it was held in the magistrates court before the current court. and

What are the issues to be decided by the current court?

Summary of the key facts that are the basis of litigation

Summary of the arguments made by the plaintiff (prosecutor)

Summary of the arguments made by the defendant

Summary of the court’s holding...
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