Flash Research Paper 2

Topics: Personal computer, Integrated circuit, Computer program Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Flash Research #2
By investing in liquid cooling we will be able to make our company more efficient than ever before, significantly reducing expenses. Installing liquid cooling will all us to be able to cool specific components in our computers and eliminate a large amount of downtime. Liquid cooling will be able to reduce our overall energy cost by 85% and make downtime almost near existent.

Liquid cooling is an alternative way to cool Central Processing Units (CPU) in comparison to traditional air-cooling that we currently use. Instead of using multiple fans, like that of air cooling, liquid cooling has tubes that go throughout a computer to continually keep the computer running smoothly. The benefit of these tubes is that it allows you to cool specific components within the computer, more than that of air cooling. Keeping the CPU cool, and refreshed is important because an overheated CPU will lead to downtime expenses.

The average cost of downtime in a data center is $7,900 per minute, and with an average of 87 hours of downtime per year, our expenses average $687,300. Although specific cost details of implementing and changing to a liquid cooling operation are not available, the overall capital gain from liquid cooling is inevitable. This gain is inevitable because our company will be able to run our servers longer, increasing our output. Additionally overheating will no longer be as big of an issue, which will cut our companies downtime cost exponentially. Our company should install a liquid cooling system because we will only benefit.
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