Freedom Road

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: September 13, 2008
1. Gideon is afraid to go to Charleston because he is a “nigger”. He feels as though he is illiterate and not very smart he would not fit in. He would not want to go “to city full of white houses… full of white folks making fun…” (p. 16-17). To help him overcome that fear Brother Peter tells him they “need a leader” (p 17). Because of how strong Gideon is physically and mentally he was chosen to represent them.

2. To Brother Peter Gideon is a young man. Since he is a younger man he can learn more than he can;”Just fill you up, like bucket drawing water from the well.” (p 19) He can show the white people that he is not ignorant. But Gideon felt as though they would just laugh at him “and mock this nigger” (p 19). Once Brother Peter told him “take that dollar and buy a book,” Gideon felt as though that he could go to the Convention and make a change.

3. Abner Lait was a tenant of the Carwell’s. He regarded the “world suspiciously and uncertainly.” (p 32) He had a hard time growing his crops and when he had a good one Carwell took it. Abner Lait spent time in a Yankee prisoner camp after the battles with Carwell’s regiment. (p 32) Abner was a white man that hated black people in formal way.

4. I believe that Gideon was correct. Because he is black doesn’t not mean that he doesn’t know what to do with the money earned from the Convention. (p 85) And being black in the legislation and having an education was important but hard. (p 86) And he didn’t want to be remembered as the slave of the owner, so he decided to take a different last name.

6. I think that Fast wants us to perceive that Carwell has not changed. Even though Gideon has become a wiser man the people at Carwell are still the same. (p 99) The man that drove Gideon twenty miles to Carwell didn’t know about the Convention (p. 98) meaning that the Convention had an effect on everyone else on society except for the people in Carwell. The same little events that have been happening have occurred...
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