Futile Being

Topics: Black people, White people, Lil Wayne Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: May 1, 2013
A Futile Being: A Look into the “Black Brute”.
BLACK BRUTE. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Well for me, I hear hate and see the look of disgust. For as long as I can remember, whites have always felt this way about blacks (Men, women, & children).The origin of this disgust started when jobs were starting to come to the south. Whites weren’t happy to find out that blacks were “stealing” these jobs from them. These unfortunate events were causing an economic burden on the whites and they weren’t having it. So, as the animosity grew, especially toward black men, the word about how vicious, brutal, and primitive these men were. Newspapers were printing these images of black men acting wild, brutal, and jus down right ridiculous. Now we all know that none of this is true, but to them this what our black men acted like. Now-a-days, this behavior is “what’s up” and “acceptable” and it’s destroying our youth. We as black people are making it ok for our youth and young men to act like animals because we don’t care enough to put a stop to it or we just don’t know how. Back then, the black brute would have been thought to have baggy clothing, hair un-kept and acted without thinking of the consequences. This is a stereotype being brought to life as we speak. This is how we are showing our black men that this is the right way to act and this cannot go on any longer. For my first example, the image of our men has already been tarnished since we were brought over from Africa as slaves. Now a day, it’s getting worse and worse every second of everyday. Black men, to us as black people, were strong yet loving. Fair yet firm. They wanted to be a good father and a good provider for his family. In today’s society, that’s not the case. Our black men today have taken a turn for the worst: they can’t hold down a job, no money, doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions or for anyone else’s for that matter. In a way, this sounds a lot like the “Sambo”...
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