FYS-020 Final Essay

Topics: Brokeback Mountain, Jack Twist, Ennis Del Mar Pages: 5 (1642 words) Published: April 5, 2014

Final Essay
Change is good. A common phrase used by people in society today to express how they feel about certain events, people, or things that undergo a transformation potentially making old qualities, ideas, or aspects of one’s self into something new. Throughout the semester, my essays for this class have expressed this underlying theme of change. The 1st paper focused on female characters developing male traits throughout the films changing how they are viewed and in one circumstance changing how a male protagonist views himself. The 2nd paper embodied around the idea of how the male protagonist in given films go through a change due to a traumatic events sustained to them in the movie. The 3rd paper dealt with the feelings of homosexuality and homoerotic and how the men in the films are presented these feelings naturally through the environment and how the feelings change them from where they are at the start of them film. So in circumstances dealing with masculinity, is an ideal masculinity something that is established at the forefront of a person’s life that they embrace and design their well being off of or is it something that is developed from change; certain events or ideas that are presented to a person that will cause them to alter their perspective of themselves? To me, the ideal masculine person is formed through changes that they encounter in their lifetime and this is depicted being used in both positive and negative ways through the characters of Frankie in Million Dollar Baby, Tyler Durden in Fight Club, and Dennis El Mar and Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. All of these characters bring with them an established masculinity at the beginning of each film but with certain events and actions they sustain throughout the film they find themselves creating a new perspective on the lives they have been living and develop a change leading to benefitting the character or destroying what is beautiful in life.

Frankie Dunn, in Million Dollar Baby, at the start of the film has an established masculinity of someone who is hard-nosed or tough due to the many years of being a trainer for professional boxers. He is a very reserved individual who shows a non-existent expression of emotion. Then he is introduced to the character of Maggie Fitzgerald. The girl’s passion and will to fight is something that Frankie has never seen before and, at first, is unwilling to accept. With the constant persuasion of his partner Eddie Dupris and the refusal to be under looked that Maggie demonstrates, Frankie decides to go through and train her to fight professionally. Maggie Fitzgerald brings out the best in him through her talents as a successful female professional fighter and through the relationship the both develop between one another. Because he begins to see her as an equal, even as someone admirable, Frankie’s character grows to become a more rounded individual. He transcends the limitations of the male stereotype of toughness and disregard to spiritual and emotional concerns. Frankie, through the relationship formed with Maggie Fitzgerald, is changed to be a person who outwardly begins to show emotion and begins to take action on the inequalities of his character in order to change his relationship with others and the perception of himself that they may hold for his moral character.

Frankie Dunn embraces change and he uses it to benefit himself and others around him. The change, however, only deals with the emotional aspect of a person’s life. Frankie changes how he acts and presents himself but not necessarily changes how he lives his life. In the film Brokeback Mountain, the characters of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist exhibit a change that not only changes who are they emotionally and physically but also how they live their everyday lives. The two of them, at the start of the film, follow the stereotype of two masculine ranch hands that come together to herd sheep across over a mountain terrain. The constant time...
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