Ginger Robinson Week 6 Courtroom Players Response

Topics: Criminal law, Jury, Crime Pages: 3 (279 words) Published: April 25, 2015

Courtroom Players Response
Ginger Robinson
November 30, 2014
Lee Rankin
Courtroom Players
In most courtrooms, there are groups of essential players that work together on a regular basis. They are composed of a combination of professionals. These professional are the ones which understand all phases of a criminal trial, and they all work together in fulfilling the functions of the court. These courtroom workgroups are all of the professionals that aid in a court process. These professionals include the judge, the prosecuting attorneys, the defense attorneys, public defenders and all other persons which may work for the courts. These individuals work collectively with the basic purpose of conducting successful courtroom proceedings. Each of professional in the courtroom workgroup has their own set of responsibilities. The prosecutor is accountable for exhibiting the state’s evidence as well as presenting and preparing the state’s case against the accused. It is also the prosecuting attorneys responsibility to decide which matters should be tried or not. It is the prosecutor who makes these determinations based on a several sets of criteria. Most prosecutors will study the evidence against the accused, study the crime, as well as many other factors. If the criteria for taking a case were less stringent our society would be in for some extremely hard days because as it stands now prosecutors plea bargain so many instances and criminals get to serve less time or sometimes no time at all. This is because of our strained criminal justice system. I think if I could improve the system I would find a way to have each and every guilty criminal carry out their time with zero tolerance what so ever.
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