Glory Road

Topics: Black people, United States, Racism Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Glory Road
Glory Road is a movie that is based on actual events that occurred at Texas Western University in El Paso in 1966. It addresses the walls that the players and coaching staff faced during this time period due to racism. There were stereotypical associations with the players that were recruited made by the school and angry fans of the school. However, with courage, pride, and trust the players and coaches passed all the barriers of racism and made history at the seemingly subpar school that would go down in the books forever.

Don Haskins was a girls’ high school basketball coach at the time he was recruited by Texas Western College to take over the men’s basketball program. Due to a practically non-existent recruiting budget, he is unable to attract the more popular and well known white players to the school. However, refusing to give up on his winning ways, he sends his assistant coach to New York City to recruit school yard black players that he has heard impressive stories about. He also travels to Indiana and Michigan and eventually racks up 7 exceptional black recruits to play for him.

Most of the school administration is very unhappy with Haskin’s choice to recruit so many African American boys to play basketball for their school. They do not seem to share Coach Haskin’s belief that the player who can help you achieve a victory through hard work and passion is the player that should be put on the court no matter the skin color. Haskins refused to give into the pressure and added the 7 recruits to the team of all white players. He continues coaching them on how to play fundamental basketball instead of the street style that they are used to playing. They begin their season and are very successful and continue to rack up victories.

The team faces racial slurs and disdain from spectators of southern teams that they play but they continuously brush this off and prove they are worthy enough to play by coming together as a team and...
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