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The rules of society are far because if you don’t obey u get put in jail or can get worse than that get kick out of your own hometown. Also no one gets a special treatment so that’s why Raymond got kick out of society and he also goes to jail. But now Raymond can’t join any football clubs, can’t get a job the only thing he does now is sit at the front of the pub drinking until he gets a police assort home. With Gracey she can do anything in the society her town so in other words she can she do everything Raymond can’t and she also wants to keep her mums house nice and clean so she can keep it for mum, because her mum kept it in shape for Gracey’s whole life when she wasn’t at Hamilton college in Queensland.

Trent has friendship with Raymond at the start but as out though the book Trent notices Raymond coming to football training drunk and even games and pretty much he has to give Raymond a lift home because been drinking too much. Also near the end Trent sort of blaming himself for Raymond’s death in the jail and in the middle of the book Trent doesn’t care about Raymond because he is always drunk. 3. In Australia white and black people, people sometimes get along with each other but in some case's the white people don’t get along with the black. Or the black people refuse to be nice, respectful and so reisolated into a conflicted. In the novel Gracey the white girls and boys treated Gracey as a white girl, but after a couple of weeks Gracey didn’t want to be treated as a white foke. So her friends didn’t know how to treat Gracey because the way she was acting in front of then.

4. Gracey’s brother found the bones of the mass graves of the six black people which made doughy a bit popular, and he had his picture in the newspaper in tell the graves were buried. In that burial site it had tome stone that had weighting on it about how the six black people died fighting. The death of Gracey’s mother was the worst thing that could have...
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