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System Component
As what was written in the introduction, a system needs a component for it to be used. Therefore, I would like to introduce the components that we have in a computer system. First component is hardware. Hardware refers to the visible components that help and enable the Computer System to function properly. Computer hardware is made up from various components. For example, the hardware involved is monitor, motherboard, CPU, main memory, expansion card, power supply unit, optical disc drive, hard disk drive, keyboard and mouse. Most of computer’s hardware can’t be seen because it is inside the computer case.

This is some brief description for each of the hardware. Starting with computer motherboard, Computer Motherboard is the same thing as the Circuit board of the Computer Hardware. It is otherwise also call System Board. It is one of the most important components of the Computer System. It houses the various network of connections of the integrated circuit. Every other components of the Computer have a direct contact with the Computer Motherboard. Components like the CPU, RAM, Power Unit, Speakers etc. have their slots on the motherboard of the Computer. Though these units are removable their slots are surface mounted. Other surface mounted components include the various capacitors, resistors, transistors, regulators etc. Some of the Surface mounted components are difficult to change if damaged. So care should be taken in transportation and mode of use especially with respect to power supply.

Next is CPU which stand for Central Processing Unit, Central Processing Unit of a Computer is the brain of the Computer System. The type of CPU a Computer possess determine its worth. The speed of a Computer is measured in hertz and this determines the speed of the Computer. The CPU is made up of the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), the Registers and the Control unit. The Arithmetic Logic Unit of the CPU is the part of the brain of the Computer...
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