High School and Black Table

Topics: High school, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 4 (1008 words) Published: December 2, 2014

1.What exactly is the “black table”?
A: the black table is a table where black males and females reunite to talk during lunch. 2. In paragraph 1, graham says that on a recent visit to his old junior high school he “came upon something that he never expected to see again.” Why do you think the sight of the all-black lunch table was such a surprise to him? A: because he wasn’t expecting such a thing again and that color shouldn’t play a role in what or who you hang with still. 3. In Graham’s junior high school, what factors determined where students sat? A: color of the skin

4. why didn’t Graham sit at the “Black table” when he was in junior high? A: the reason why he didn’t sit at the black table was because he was afraid that by sitting at the black table he’ll lose all his white friends. 5. when he was a junior high school student, whom did Graham blame for the existence of the exclusively black lunch table? Whom or what does he now see as the cause of the table’s existence? A:


1. What is Graham’s thesis?
A: Grahams thesis was that the students did not separate themselves by race, they didnt it according to their interest. he mentions that their was a pot and metal table. On this table their could be all type of races smoking pot not just white and black. It helping communication among the student much easier. basically he is saying that dont students dont separate themselves by race instead by common interest.

2. Rather than introducing outside supporting information- such as statistic, interviews with education, or sociological studies – Graham relies on his own opinions and on anecdotal evidence to support his thesis. Do you think this is enough? Explain your reasoning. A: as i read and understand, yes he does have enough info to support his thesis. I say this because he was in the the middle of the whole black table, white table, jewish table thing. He sat with the black...
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