How Did the Usa Civil Right Movement Bring Progress to the Black People of America?

Topics: Black people, White people, African American Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: October 14, 2012
How did the USA civil right movement bring progress to the black people of America?

The American civil rights movement did bring progress to the blacks in many ways such as the right to vote and many other things but it did not achieve its full purpose, which was to fully wipe out racism from the USA entirely. Martin Luther King's civil right movement helped blacks significantly in many ways such as it gave the black community the right to vote this meant that many more black politicians were employed into the government. Also white politicians would be kinder to the blacks as they wanted to secure their vote, as there were many black people whom could vote. Also the black people of America after protests and bus boycotts where able to go on the same bus and eat in the same restaurant this was the end of segregation by law but there still was illegal segregation. It also meant that people were all equal so the black community could marry white people meaning that they were free to do as they please and as soon as the blacks gained the right to be free they were able to get a good education so they could get better jobs when they were older, this meant that they could earn money to have a better life and be more respected. The civil rights movement altogether brought blacks freedom and the right to vote. Though the civil rights movement did bring progress to the black people, in some ways things stayed the same. To blacks there is and probably always will be racism towards them, The rights that the black people received were good for them but it made people think of them worse because the way they saw it was that these non-American lesser beings were stealing all the available jobs. Even though there was is a law that every man is equal meaning that white employers were not allowed to reject a black person because of their colour. But because most of these black people had never gone to school they did not have the requirements and the education to reach the...
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