How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown During Exam?

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How to avoid a nervous breakdown during exam?

Nervous breakdown is something that make you very worry or serious to do or to think about it. Yes, have many kind to nervous breakdown. But in this case it talk about avoid a nervous breakdown in the exam. Nowaday many student very nervous when they're doing their exam because they think a lot about how much they correct or they think can do or not or maybe they think their answer will the same that their friends answer or not. But some student they can find the way to avoid nervous breakdown during exam. So they will get very good mark and very confidence to do they exam . That already said how we avoid a nervous breakdown during our exam. Firstly is the student have to manage time because some student very worried in time. So they can't mention on their exam.none of them never get good mark in their exam because the student they didn't finish they exam on their time. They spend many time try to do the exam but they just westing they time just simply sit in exam room only. Secondly is the student have to relax if they writer block because many student around the world always stuck with they ideas but still thinking. So good way is we have to do brain storm for get some detail or some ideas. So we have to relax in short time like close the eyes or take a deep breathe or just short simply sit because it can help us to brain storm to get some ideas or some information that we stuck in it. Thirdly is very important for every student. We have to prepare before the exam because some student they think prepare last minute it can help them. But it wrong ideas because we will have not enough of knowledge. Some student will forget what they have to answer or they will get wrong answer. So they already lose their mark in their exam. So prepare before exam very important. And who just think “I will study in last minute” have to change your mind before you lose your marks. Fourthly some student their heart already...
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