How To Be Successful In College

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Creative Writing Essay 1
How To Be Successful in College
To be successful in college one should be able to do many things. One of those things is to have superior time management skills. For example, if a project is due in two weeks, it shouldn’t be done at the last minute. One should take time out each day, preferably thirty to forty-five minutes. This way the project will reflect you best work. If not, then then project won’t even be finish or even if it was managed to be done, it wouldn’t as good and will receive a low grade. Another skill that is needed to be successful in college is having a safe financial behavior. If you only have one hundred dollars to spent for the week, you should waste it on stupid things like new shoes or a t-shirt, rather save it for food because on that one weekend when you are starving, those shoes won’t so appetizing. I believe I have great time management skills because since sophomore year, I have yet to turn in an assignment that was completed on the last minute. Whenever something is due, I always get some part of it done every day so I don’t have the rush to get the entire thing done the day before it is due. Even it was just to study for a test: if I know when I’m going to have a test in the future I set out about ten to twenty minute everyday reviewing for the test. Going on to how I use my money, I have a job where I work as a tutor at a tutoring center who teaches math. I get paid every two weeks, and every time I get the paycheck I always put half of it in my savings account and half or it in my checking account. This way if something was to happen and I need something immediately, I can dip into my savings account, although that has yet to occur.

Ever had a feeling that you couldn’t live up to something? I know I did. Let me tell about how I couldn’t live up to something because of the stupidest limitation. My limitation was time. I know, weird right? Well it isn’t as weird as you think. My time is...
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