How to Catch a Criminal, Crime Show Addition

Topics: Police procedural, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: February 3, 2013
How to Catch a Criminal, Crime Show Addition
These days there are a number of crime shows that air on T.V. Some of the techniques for solving a crime are the same on these shows, but each has a feature that the others do not present in that show. These shows are considered fictional, but some are based on actual events or crimes that have happened. The writer loves to watch these types of shows and attempts to figure out “who did it.” Some people may feel these shows are too vivid or not worth watching, but each one is in some way is different entertainment. The three popular criminal shows are “CSI”, “Law and Order”, and “The Mentalist.” This paper shows how each one gathers evidence and uses it to solve the case in different ways.

The first show, “CSI”, stands for Crime Scene Investigation. In this one the forensic team goes to the crime scene and collects evidence. They take pictures, check for finger prints, gather even the tiniest material on and around the body, and if necessary foot or tire track impressions are also taken into evidence. The police department is already on the scene interviewing witnesses and the CSI team may also have additional questions. All the evidence, including the body, is taken back to the lab. In the lab, different machines, tests and computer programs are used to analyze the evidence. Then each character has a different job in going through the evidence, analyzing it and coming to a conclusion from his/her findings in figuring out what happened. In this show the lab is the main setting for the action. Once all the collected evidence is checked, the investigations and interviews are done, and then the team may locate a suspect. When the evidence is linked to the suspect, an arrest will be made and the case is solved.

The second interesting show is “Law and Order” in which the cases are solved a bit differently, with “law” being the detectives who investigate the crime, and “order” being the lawyers who...
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