Hrm of Pia Rawalpindi

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My experience and Observation at PIA Rawalpindi

My internship was in Finance section but I got the opportunity at PIA Rawalpindi to understand Human Resource Management department and got good information at the station and for that I am very much thankful to Mr. S.A Mujtaba H. Naqvi Human Resource Manager Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. He gave me good information and guided me about the organizations structure and administrative setup. It was indeed a very good experience to get HR management information. Other than finance department it helped me a lot to understand organizational setup and how to work in a corporation. I have included that chapter in my internship report as it gives a more clear picture of Pakistan International Airlines administrative setup and it’s function.

6.1Administration Department in PIA

Every organization has a personnel function whether or not a specific personnel manager has been so designated. Every organization must hire, train, pay, motivate, maintain and ultimately separate employees. Organization has its peculiar administrate structure, which suits the functions, objectives, strategies and rules and procedure of that organization “Administration is the collective activity directed towards the attainment of a specific goal. It is rational action, an attempt to maximize one’s goals by relating means to ends. Administration is one of our most complex and challenging fields of endeavor. The administration manager must be greatly concerned with the expectations of both employees and society in general. Society at large proclaimed its human resources to have vital needs that move beyond a “Work force” status. The employee is simultaneously an instrument of the firm, and human being and a citizen ends. The Pakistan International Airlines has an administration department, which involves the organization and management of man and material in order to accomplish its goals, the administration department is headed by a manager, where as the head of the overall administration is G.M. of the region and at the are level by an Area Ahead . The Administration Manager is directly under the control of G.M. of the respective region.

6.2Administration Department At Rawalpindi Station

The Administration section at the Rawalpindi Station headed by the Administration Manager comprises of an Administration office and three Admin. Supervisors. The activities of Administration department include the personnel and human relations, security arrangement, transportation, stationary, filing and record keeping, discipline in the organization, development and maintenance of support systems for the successful operations and the coordination of the activities of various departments. The communications of various decisions, polices, plans and strategies to the various departments is the responsibility of the administration. The administration department in PIA is concerned with the following functions Organization

The administration department in the form of organization of rules, procedures, functions and human resources carries out the structuring of individuals and functions in to make productive relationship. Management of Human Resources

The Administration department in PIA manages the personnel and is concerned with the direction of these individuals and function to achieve ends previously determined. Methods and Procedure

The techniques and process of working and the interrelationships of various functions are determined by the Administration Department in PIA. Materials and Supply
The Administration department of PIA provides the tools and requirements with the help of which the operational work is carried out. These include Pen & Ink, Computer, papers, files, cabin, furniture, air-conditioner, and etc....
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