Human Resources In Mexico

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Human Resources in Mexico
Carlos Alberto Gomez Zambrano
St. Thomas University.

In this job, the company divides its employees in different areas, jobs, positions and duties depending on the job they are conducting. I'm talking about the organizational chart in the business, of how they are made and the different types that exist. It's also found the various functions of the Human Resource branch such as recruitment, selection, hiring, induction; labor contract expiration and employment termination. Finally the profile a manager has to have in order to work productively.

The organizational structure in the company allows the organization of different responsibilities and relationships within the work field. An organizational chart graphically presents different aspects within the company. The most common is the generalized chart, but then it condenses each area, by different criterias.  Basically each type of chart varies because of this. 

What is an organization chart?
Assigned responsibilities: the organizational chart requires for its realization a list  with the different tasks and the people who are responsible for those tasks. Establish relationships of authority and coordination: This scheme also helps mark the channels of communication and hierarchy in establishing control centers.

Types of chart
The chart types that exist can be classified by nature, content, scope or presentation. It depends on the purpose and function of the organization chart for the company:  

Organizational by area:
General: an overview
graph of the company or complete institution.
Specific: concrete view of an area or department of a company.  
Organizational by nature
Administrative Micro: flowchart of a single company. General or specific vision. Administrative Macro: information from more than one organization. Administrative Meso: Commonly used in the public sector. Shown in the flowchart several organizations in the same sector.  

Flowchart for its content:
Comprehensive: all areas of a company.
Functional: focuses on one area: sales, production, finance, operations, systems, Positions, places and units: indicates the existing posts and busy places. Flowchart for his presentation:
By block
How to create an an organization chart?
The chart needs a delimited list of tasks and to establish responsibilities and hierarchies in graphic functions first. Technically to make a chart you can use the Word Processor. Although there are specific programs for this such as Org Plus. But Word can create a good organization chart. Filling in and completing the chart is another matter. An analysis process, structure and definition is needed. Different jobs should be defined, organized and be ranked. Then it should stipulate responsibility centers, from where it would be coordinated and organized. The organization chart order and disposition of the charges appear. And then in a procedures manual it will specify each position.


Every company, regardless of size, economic activity carried out and its nature requires optimal management of human resources. This time I will focus on the major functions performed by the Human Resources within companies.  

Job Function
This feature aims to provide the company the right human resources based on proper planning, both in quantity and quality, to develop all business processes.

Involves performing the following processes:
1. Recruitment: is seeking and attracting capable applicants for vacancies that arise.

2. Selection: Analyze the skills, aptitudes, abilities and qualities of applicants to decide, on objective grounds, which have more potential to perform a job and possibilities for both personal and organizational future development.

3. Recruitment: Formalize with adherence to the Law for a...
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