Importance of Computer in Businesses

Topics: Computer, Business, Computing Pages: 9 (2154 words) Published: August 31, 2013
1.0. Introduction:

Computers are everywhere and business and industry are using them. We can list of thousands of its modern uses. Today it reaches to a point where, whenever the power to computers ever shut off, Business and industry would almost instantly grind to halt.

Computer is now playing a vital role in the lives of people today. It has revolutionized, the way one used to live. One cannot now imagine a world without computers, without information technology. It makes many things happen which is previously not possible, it makes many things to be completed in a wonderful way, it redefines, redesigns and restructures may works, many processes, many systems, many organizations, many industries and even many economies . Even it paves the path to create a new world called “virtual world” which breaks all the boundaries between world where there are no barriers for communication, information sharing, idea sharing etc. Every field of human activity, maybe his daily life, official life, everything is influenced under the cover of information Technology.

1.1. Objective of the article:

Primary Objective of the article is to fulfillment of the course requirement. In addition to that, in this article we try to observe the spectrum of uses of computer and information technologies. In this process, this study will reveal the requirement of computer studies for the business graduate.

1.2. Methodology:

To conduct and develop the report, we have done following to clarify industry use:

01. Interviewing Number of Professionals of different industry. 02. Visiting number of offices of number of business concerns. 03. Browsing and studying number of Internet sites/pages.

By studying professionals’ and office atmospheres, we have sort out different points of computer use by the firms and professionals.

In section-03 of the report, we generalize the applications of computer and describe individual use. In section 04, we present a qualitative assessment of the benefits such computerization of the industry and economy. In section 05, we have given why, we business graduate should make ourselves regularly updated on computer use.

2.0. Our Study on relationship between business and computer :

To conduct and develop the report, we have interviewed following professionals: 01. Banker
02. Hospital Officials
03. Stock Broker
04. Importer and Trader.
05. RMG industry professionals
06. Pharmacists
07. Leather Technologists.

Besides, we have visited premises of following business concerns : 01. Prime Bank Limited, Dhanmondi Branch
02. Labaid Cardiac Hospital, Dhanmondi
03. Shaymal Equity Management Limited, Motijheel
04. Top One Trading. Karwan Bazar
05. Standard Group, Tejgaon
06. General Pharmaceuticals, Dhanmondi
07. Kuheli Leather, Hazaribag

Interviewing and visting the premise we have clustered the business firms as two broad categories: 01. Service Sector
02. Manufacturing sector.

The uses of computer, its software are extensively required by the different departments of the above business concerns, which are lists below as grouped by the sectors: |Service Sector | | | |Human Resource department | | |Facility Management Department | | |Operations Department | | |Decision Making Tool | | |Service Delivery | |...
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