Importance of Laws

Topics: Criminal law, Law, Property Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Taylor Pottschmidt
Criminal Justice Paper #2
Almost everything we do is governed by some set of rules. There are rules for games, for social clubs, for the sports people play and for adults in the workplace. There are also rules governed by a moral compass within a person that play an important role in telling us what we should and should not do. However, some rules that are made by the state or the courts are called "laws". Laws resemble our moral compass because they are designed to control the way we do things and determine what is right and what is wrong. But unlike our own moral compasses, laws are enforced by the courts; if you break a law, even if you like that law or not, you may be forced to pay a fine or go to prison. The purpose of laws is to help keep our society under control and provide a safe place for people to live. If people did not live in a structured society there would be not need for laws. People would simply do as they please, with little regard for the people around them. But ever since individuals began to live in societies laws have been the glue that has kept people living together in some sort of structure. For example, the law in The United States states that we must drive our cars at a certain speed limit that changes in certain areas. If drivers were aloud to pick whatever speed they would like to drive at driving would be dangerous and chaotic. People would be injured and or killed if two drivers driving at too extremely different speeds met on the same road. Laws regulating our civil affairs help to ensure that people can live together and that disputes can be resolved between two parties. Laws against criminal conduct help to safeguard our personal property and our lives (Robinson, 1994). Even in a well-ordered society, people have disagreements and conflicts arise. The law must provide a way to resolve these disputes peacefully. If two people claim to own the same piece of property the matter is not settled by a duel, people...

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