Individual Criminal Defense Case Analysis

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Individual Criminal Defense Case Analysis
Ora Howe
November 18, 2013
Peter Lukevich

Individual Criminal Defense Case Analysis
This paper will locate two cases that discuss various types of criminal defenses. The two choices are: (1) The Jeffrey Dahmer Case, and (2) State v. Fisher Involuntary Manslaughter Case. The two cases analysis in which this paper identifies and examines the types of criminal defenses that were used. This paper will also explain the nature and types of defenses used in the cases and what evidence was used to demonstrate the defense. This paper will describe how justification and excuse play a role in the cases. This paper will also describe the outcome of each case. The Jeffrey Dahmer Case/Early years

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in West Allis, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. By all interpretations, Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood was well-defined and regarded as ordinary; however, at the age of 15, he grew progressively set aside and reserved from social communications. During Dahmer adolescence years he would isolate away from usual childhood events, choosing instead to bike around his community searching for dead animals, which he dismembered at home. By the time Jeffrey Dahmer reached high school he was a uncontrolled alcoholic and categorized as extremely unhappy’(Laws, 2013). Next instantaneously dropping out of Ohio State University, Jeffrey Dahmer was obligatory to enroll in the military by his father. Although Jeffrey Dahmer succeeded at first in the systematized and well-organized structure of the military, he was discharged after two years of service due to heavy drinking. In 1982, after being arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication, Jeffrey Dahmer went to live with his grandmother in West Allis. During this stage, Dahmer’s manners grew progressively stranger; his grandmother regularly found weapons in his room and Dahmer was arrested twice for indecent exposure in 1982 and 1986 (Laws, 2013). As one can see Dahmer criminal defenses started at an early age, whereas any individual think sometimes at what point could the parents have stopped Dahmer’s behavior and what measures could have stopped these brutal killings from happening. Various Types of Criminal Defenses

Jeffrey Dahmer was a disreputable American serial killer and famous sex offender. In total, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and young boys—the mainstream of Dahmer’s victims were of African or Asian background—between the late 1970s and early 1990s. Jeffrey Dahmer is regrettably known for the savageness and vindictiveness for which he murdered and afterward disposed of his fatalities; Dahmer’s killings were predominantly savage, for they generally involved torture, necrophilia, cannibalism, dismemberment and rape. Analysis in which this Paper Identifies and Examines the Types of Criminal Defenses that were used After being arrested and due to his weird behavior, Dahmer’s grandparents kicked them out of their home in the summer of 1988. After finding an apartment on Milwaukee’s West side, Jeffrey Dahmer was detained for drugging and fondling a 13-yeard old boy. For this indecent crime, Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to five years’ probation and obligatory to register as a sex offender. Once receiving parole, Dahmer moved into a new apartment; soon thereafter, Dahmer went on a vicious killing spree that ultimately ended with his arrest in 1991. In the summer of 1978 while still living with his father, Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder. Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker, with his family away, invited him back to his father’s house for drinks and ‘sexual activity.’ When the man tried to leave, Dahmer beat his victim with a barbell and buried his dead body in the backyard (Law, 2013). Nine years after his first murder, Dahmer found his next victim. Succeeding this attack, Dahmer continued to kill periodically: Dahmer committed two murders in 1988, one in the early part of 1989 and one later....

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