Individual Punishment Philosophy Paper

Topics: Criminal law, Prison, Crime Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Individual Punishment Philosophy Paper
Robert J. Lawson
April 13, 2014
Steven J. Weber

There are four types of punishment philosophies that are used in the court system. Deterrence Theory is often used as a goal to deter criminal sentencing by placing fear in the criminal of the punishment they could receive. This particular theory is to try and rationalize with the criminal of how freedom from jail could be beneficial to them oppose to receiving jail time for the crime they committed. The deterrence theory works as a three strike theory, in which the criminal’s sentence is revoked to give them a chance at straightening up their life, and not come before a judge on similar charges, and if they do, the sentence they could have received earlier will be imposed for the full amount of time give on their first infraction in front of the judge. In some case this theory may work, in other cases the criminal may feel impelled to commit crimes, thinking they could out-smart law enforcement officers, in this case the deterrence theory will not work for this criminal, and more than likely they will be incarcerated for the full sentence, or even more time. The Incapacitation Theory is a theory as it relates to crime control has proven that if a criminal is in jail prison or locked up away from civilization, would not cause any harm to people because they are away from committing any types of crime. Their movement of freedom has been taking away from them for the purpose of the crimes committed decreased, and the rate of incarcerating increase. The Rehabilitation theory is to try to rehabilitate the criminal so he or she would be able to return back to society as a law abiding citizen of the community. The criminal after serving the sentence that was given and had not gotten into any trouble while doing so, has proven to the board of review that they are deemed worthy of receiving another chance as a model citizen...
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