Individual Theories

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Week 2: Assignment: Individual Theories
CJS 240
July 10, 2011

Week 2: Assignment: Individual Theories
Each child is born innocent. A child’s mind soaks up information like a sponge, always receiving a multitude of daily information. The child learns pretty much by parents, peers, teachers and the world around them. This learning continues throughout their life. There is no one clear cut answer as to why youths do the things they do. A large portion of their motivation does comes from their environment, as well as their peers and parental upbringing. Even if a child is raised in a good environment, parents who look after them in regards to criminal activity might fall into the delinquency with their peers.

People have always done certain things to become recognized by a group or by an individual; which could lead to the possibility of bad actions. Acceptance and recognition is what we all strive for because no one likes being left out or an outcast. In my personal opinion I think it has a lot to deal with a sense of low self esteem. A person that has better self esteem and self worth, they possess a greater chance in that they do not feel or think they need to fit in or do what everyone else is doing. Those types of people are what I consider at one with who they are and do not feel it necessary to act out, follow the in crowd or any other thing to be accepted.

Think of the general deterrence theory, youths may not commit crimes of a certain nature because they know what the consequences of their actions will be. Personally I think in many cases regarding the general deterrence theory is followed by the youth for the simple fear of punishment if they commit a certain act which keeps them from offending.

If a youth is caught and given the proper punishment or punished severely, it might involve a certain measure of scare tactics. By placing them in an unfamiliar or secure environment, it may very well lead to a frightening experience for which...

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