Information Technology in the Management of the Criminal Justice System

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: May 27, 2012
The need for information technology in the management of the criminal justice system The criminal justice system is in a great need of information technology (IT) because the criminal justice system runs on information. There are too many information about criminal incidents, information about people who are serving their sentences or waiting for trial. There are also information about the court process including the past or upcoming trials. Those information would affects the way people are treated in the system and perhaps impacts the final outcome of any individual case. Potential reasons for computerization

In the criminal justice system computerization can improve the quality of information and can also give a better resources to the decision makers when they decide to take action any many different events. There are many higher quality information need to be present at all time and computerizing those information would make the system work efficiently and effectively. There are many categories of criminal justice information.

The criminal justice system uses the information technology for the past, presence and future which give the system more power dealing with any issues. The following elements considered as a basic use of the IT in the criminal justice system. 1. Archival information. These information has historical value which give a clear picture about the history of the criminals, crimes, incidents and events, etc. 2. Fingerprint databases. The fingerprint information would give you the capability to retrival and matching of finger prints . 3. Criminal history records. This is considered as a great tool for the criminal justice system to find out about the history of any events and also provide up to date information. 4. Stolen motor vehicles registries. This information considered as a very valuable for matching of stolen vehicles. 5. Criminal incident databases. This information is very important for many purposes in...
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