Topics: Criminal law, Recidivism, Parole Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Along with movements to repackage the probation and parole approaches, there are new developments and important trends that will be developing with in the twenty-first century. There will be eight listed and briefly discussed. 1. An increasing number of clients. This means that there will be a continued accumulation of probation and parole clients. This also covers that there is a growing resistances to privatization and entrepreneurs that will be discouraged by small profit margins in providing long-term community supervision. Their presence of private PSIs will serve to improve the overall quality of presentence reports. There is also a continuing support for probation and parole from judges, correctional officials and clients. The second listed is the continuing budgetary problems. Today’s probation and parole administrators are in the unenviable position of being responsive to in scared demands for their services and to public demands for less government spending. The budgetary woes are everywhere. With budget difficulties may force probation and parole agencies into make long overdue changes in operations. A more involved public is the third listed. The public will become more involved in probation and parole throughout the twenty-first century. In the future there will be more incidents in which community leaders severely oppose the release of notorious offenders into their neighborhoods. Probationers and parolees who have committed heinous crimes will also have a high increase of identification and hounded out of town. The fourth listed is; A refinement of intensive supervision programs. Although intensive supervision programs are very popular and will continue to be, they will soon be less emphasized by probation and parole departments. These programs will continue to function as small specialized units, but not as major agency undertakings. The refinement of intensive supervision programs comes from 1; their failure to significantly reduce...
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