Inside Criminal Law

Topics: Criminal justice, Insanity defense, Crime Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Inside Criminal Law
To understand the justice system in America you must understand criminal law. Criminal law is different from all other types of law. If you are charged with a crime it is best that you understand criminal law. Criminal law is a branch of law dealing with crime: the branch of law that defines the nature of crimes and sets suitable punishments for them. (Encarta, 2009) This criminal law system is laws and rules for society to follow so that everyone is safer. As well as having laws in place to protect people from harm and to encourage good social values within a community, laws are also guidelines which people are expected to live by. (Mulherin, 2009) The rules and procedures of criminal law are important for the function of society. There are two main functions to criminal law. The two main functions of criminal law are to protect individuals and there property from harm and the other function is to set rules in which people are to live by. These main functions are set in place to protect society from criminal behavior. Without criminal law I think society would be in chaos. Criminal law is important for society to function. The purpose of criminal law is to deter criminal activity, punish bad acts, to provide society with a belief that justice will be administered by society to protect all members of society, and possibly to provide retribution for criminal acts. The definition of criminal responsibility varies from place to place but, in general, to be responsible for a criminal act implies the perpetrator must understand what they are doing and that it is wrong. Most young children are too immature to fully understand the difference between right and wrong. A person is criminally liable for a crime if he willingly aids and abets to the crime. Also you can liable if you know someone is going to commit a crime and you do nothing to stop it, or you fail to make effort to do so. Criminal responsibility may be limited is the person has a mental...
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