Internal and External Factors in Business

Topics: Management, Culture, Leadership Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Internal and External Factors
Frank A. Balcorta
Management 230
May 20, 2013
Glenn Arola
The planning process has been affected by globalization by companies acquiring to plan and strategize for a market outside the United States. China and India for example have a middle-class population is larger than the whole United States population, companies have to incorporate the needs of those markets in there planning and strategizing. The opening up and emerging of new markets have increased the opportunities of sales far outside the United States and being able to build and develop in order to take advantage of increase of demand in these international markets. Strong organizational management practices are crucial to achieve goals. Part of organizing function in management attract people to the organization, globalization affects this by bringing international people, cultures and tastes to the table, and companies must think outside the box and study to discover what makes people in other cultures attracted to the product this is to be marketed. Leading heavily relies on keeping people motivated and inspired, it may be easy to know what motivates people in your culture, but with globalization, a company must know a different persons culture to find out what motivates or inspires them. In America, workers are most often motivated by money so bonuses and incentives are often used to motivate. Using the same methods of motivation to retain personnel in other countries as used in their home countries may be a mistake if a manager does not know that cultures hierarchies and values. Once effective leadership is in place a manager must be able to control the business. Effective controlling consists of being able to monitor performance and make necessary changes when needed. In America this may not be so difficult if someone runs a local business or even a national one because of everyone speaking the same language and only being...
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