Interview with N. Kovalyov Ex-Director of the Federal Security Service

Topics: Criminal law, Jury, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Former FSB Director Nikolai Kovalyov sues Sergei Dorenko. This is in response to a call by the release of his program charge against ex-director of FSB involvement in the murder co-owner of the hotel "Radisson Slavyanskaya" Paul Teytuna. Nikolai, you all know about the murder of Tatum?

The investigation is the city prosecutor's office. An investigation carried out specific assignments of the Moscow FSB. As far as I know, the investigation was in shock from what he heard, because all of these people - including one Tatum - were questioned and evidence of this kind is not allowed. From your point of view, purely criminal or murder was politically motivated? I definitely regard it as an economic, relatively speaking, a crime. Walked dispute, including through arbitration, the right of ownership. This struggle led to the outcome. What can you say about allegations of involvement in the murder of your Tatum? This story reeks of mothballs. These statements have been used last year for my group Berezovsky discredit. They were considered by the military prosecutor. Checked in detail every word of the statements and on each episode verdict: this is all lies and slander. Chief Military Prosecutor's Office opened and already a half years investigating a criminal case against Berezovsky's people upon malpractice. To my knowledge, it will soon be taken to court. Your attitude towards Dorenko allegations of "trace Luzhkov" Tatum of the murder? This is nonsense fevered mind: to redistribute control of the hotel, Paul Tatum is killed, then why something plotting the murder of his partner Dzhabrailov. What is the meaning of all this.

Have you met my brother Tatum?
Its existence, I learned from a TV program. Did not know that he has a brother, especially working with the FBI. I can firmly say that the brother Tatum did not enter Russia at that time, so our meeting could not take place physically. Besides, I'm not a private person: all meetings of the FSB director recorded. The...
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