Intro To Criminal Justice Paper

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Sharita Horne
Introduction of Criminal Justice
Stacey Haug

What justice means to me is simple, you commit a crime and you pay the appropriate price for what one has done. For example say someone one murdered someone in cold blood; justice would be for that person to receive a life sentence without the chance of parole. However it would not be justice if he received say 25 years with parole. Another scenario let us say that someone committed a petty crime, for instance petty theft. Justice to me would be to have them pay restitution and community service. Although stealing is wrong for petty theft I don’t believe jail time would be necessary. Justice is supposed to be fair.

The criminal Justice system has 3 components: law enforcement, Court and institutions. How these three interrelate with each other is when a person commits a crime the police are called out to handle the situation, which may end up in immediate institutionalization or a summons to court. Doesn’t matter the order necessarily but they all go hand in hand. The police arrest or provide a ticket with a court date which the offender has to attend, and from there the court determines whether or not that offender should be sentenced to jail or prison time or not.

I believe there are many ways that these three components conflict with each other. A lot of times one may not agree with the other. A perfect example of that is between the judge, the prosecutor and the jury. They might not all agree when it comes to the punishment of the offenders. One might not be up to date on the laws and the punishments, and some might take the case too personally. Also the ones who are meant to protect and serve us are not doing their job and take their power to another level.

The 2 models of our criminal justice system are crime control and due process. Crime control states that instead of letting a suspect (that has not been proven guilty yet) go, they should detain, question and arrest...
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