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Depending on which state a person is within, the criminal justice changes in rules, procedures and terms; the punishment for crimes committed within the United States are all alike. A crime is considered any act that pays no attention to the federal laws of America. However, not all violations of law are held to the highest standard of punishment. Offenses can differ from a speeding ticket to homicide. Depending on the offense committed will determines the result of the punishment. The criminal justice system which is part of the government assesses and regulates these sentences, ensuring that the punishment fits the unlawful act. The criminal justice system is influenced by constitutional law and has grown over the years.

Criminal Justice System
Criminal justice system maintains these components to help aid the process to discipline criminals. The criminal justice system consists of three main parts: Law enforcement, courts and corrections department. In a criminal justice system, these assorted agencies function together, both under the rule of law; and as the principal mean of preserving the rules of law within our civilization. The first part of the criminal justice system is the police. These law enforcers catch criminals, examine the facts, and give evidence in court on behalf of the witness. Depending on the crime committed, police do have the right to take felons criminals straight to jail while pending a court date. The second part is the court system. For the most part, in court there is a prosecutor, a judge and a suspect who are formally known as the defendant. The prosecutor is an officer selected by the government, to prosecute all offenses. The prosecutor introduces the allegations against the defendant that is suspected to be guilty. However, if the prosecutor’s facts are not satisfactory or accurate he or she will drop the charges; releasing the defendant. The arraignment first appearance of the defendant before the court is the...

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