Investigation Principles

Topics: Criminal law, Evidence law, Crime Pages: 15 (5397 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Investigations are the processes that will be used to describe both criminal investigation and crime scene processing distinctions between criminal investigations and crime scene. Crime scene requires strict scientific methodologies such as collections procedures and testing protocol, whereas criminal investigation has less of hard science character and relies more on the experience and skills of the investigator rather than rigid scientific protocols and procedures. Evidence is a piece of information that supports cases in the trial likes the testimony and presentation of documents, records, objects and other such items relating to the existence or non-existence of alleged or disputed facts into which a court enquires. Evidence is also designed to ensure that evidence which has been compromised is not accepted. Make sure that the evidences must be credible and competent.

Witness is a person who observed the signing or execution of legal documents or instruments and verified it authenticity by putting his or her signature on it. Witness or eye witness is one who testified what they perceived through his or her sense like seen, hearing, smelling and touching. In law, a witness is someone who either voluntarily or under compulsion provides testimonial evidence either oral or written of what he or she knows a claims to know about the matter before some official authorised to take such testimony.

Investigation involved describing or quantifying parts of natural or manmade systems. There are several types of investigation that will became part of your routine as an investigator which are criminal investigation, civil investigations, negligence investigations, corporate investigation, general investigations, personal and backgrounds check and security. Firstly, criminal investigation is an applied science that involved the study or facts, use to identified, locate and prove the guilt or a criminal. A complicit criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogation, evidence collections and preservation and various method of the investigation. Furthermore, modern day criminal investigations commonly employ many modern scientific techniques known collectively as forensic science. Private investigators work either for the victims or for the defendant or his attorney in criminal proceeding. Serious crime, which may lead to arrest a convictions of a subject are the sources of cases for the legal or criminal investigations Civil investigation is an investigation to collect data and supporting materials for a civil legal matter, such as law suit cleaning damages in the wake of a car accident. Both sides in a case may conduct and investigations to compile materials they will use to press a case or refute claims, depending on the situation. However, many attorneys who specialist in civil matter work with a private investigator on civil investigations, taking advantages of investigation skills and connections to get access to the most useful materials. In a civil investigation, people can use a variety of tools to collect information. These can include interviewing people, taking photograph, gaining access to various records and conducting surveillance. To goal as to gather as much information as possible that can sift through it to see what will be useful in court. People can conduct civil investigation to try and proves insurance fraud, identify sources of disclosed income in child support cases, and for other variety of purpose. This belongs to anything involving law suit in which questions of money or property must be settle. Violations of the law are usually not included. Examples of civil investigation are divorce, bankruptcy, personal injuries and negligence cases. Negligence is the largest area of tort litigation. The basic concept in negligence is that the defendant acted with will less care than is expected from a reasonable person. These reasonable persons are an...
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