Invisible Man

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: July 14, 2011

The Invisible Man’s realization of his own identity

“ Something strange and miraculous and transforming is taking place in me right now … as I stand before you!” These were the words spoken by the invisible man in Harlem during his first speech as a member of the brotherhood. That night, as one might suggest, the invisible man had an epiphany. Perhaps he started to realize his own identity after searching for it for so long. The invisible man’s blind character also became conscious that he is not the only one who sees his sudden success. Some members of the brotherhood feels as though the invisible man was not scientific enough and chastise him for an otherwise incredible speech. Could it perhaps be a way for the white members of the brotherhood to keep the invisible man from surpassing them? Throughout the narrative, the invisible man’s achievements are usually short-lived due to the fact that the white society wouldn’t allow a black man to succeed. The invisible man’s grandfather warned him, he should always try to better himself while making the white man thinks that he’s still being controlled by the white society. Slowly but surely, the invisible man finally comes to term with the idea that he will always be seen as a stereotype and always be socially invisible.

The invisible man’s constant struggle with society to show his identity makes him realize that he has been part of a stereotype. Every time a door opens for him to shine through, a white man is there to slam the door shut. The invisible man knows that because society is not ready for an educated black man in high places, he is forced to suppress his oratory skills. Early in his life, the invisible man spoke publicly to a predominantly white crowd on the struggles of the average black man of that particular era. After giving his speech, the invisible man is awarded with a scholarship to go to college. However, as his grandfather...
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