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Steven Spielberg, who was at the beginning of his career, directed jaws. On June 20th, 1975, Steven Spielberg near the beginning of his career released the soon-to-be summer blockbuster. (Choi and “The Making of Jaws”). Steven Spielberg started his career on a television drama entitled “Eyes”. Though because of his young age and inexperience, actors would not listen and he had little respect from the cast. This led Spielberg to quit the show (Gottfried 34-36). Short after this in 1971, the producers approached the young director to create a television movie from a short story called Duel, a story about a truck driver pursuing an innocent businessman. Spielberg, desperate to launch his career, filmed an entire two-and-a-half hours in only sixteen days. Universal studios cut it down to an hour and fifteen minutes. Duel became very popular on television and was brought to theaters in Europe, Japan, and Australia in 1973 (Gottfried 38-39). When Steven Spielberg was assigned his next film, it reminded him of Duel. Jaws was this film (“The Making…”).

Jaws was not completely made up by a screenwriter. The film was inspired by an actual event. In 1916, on the Jersey Shore, is the setting of the inspiration for Jaws. In 1916, swimming in the ocean was still a fairly new leisure activity. So, shark attacks did not happen. But, in that year five shark attacks happened over the course of two weeks. Peter Benchley heard the story and thought that it would make a good story. A publisher approached him and asked him to write Jaws. After the book was published, two producers from Universal Studios, David Brown and Richard Zanuck read it. The two agreed that Steven Spielberg should make a movie out of the book. When he was informed of this, Spielberg decided that he wanted to write his own script, but the two producers insisted that he contact Peter Benchley and the screenwriter Howard Sackler. Steven Spielberg may not have conceived the idea for Jaws by...
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