justice of law

Topics: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: March 9, 2014

Justice is defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable, though our justice system today is the opposite of just that; fair and reasonable. Though some receive justice, some are left without justice for themselves or their loved ones. It is especially disappointing when those who are innocent are wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, but are unable to provide solid evidence and proof of their innocence. It took Donald Marshall Jr. 11 years to get justice; in the meantime he spent his time in jail. The court failed to have solid evidence that he was the murderer, they later found out who the real culprit was, a man who is described as having a fetish for knives. The court hadn’t taken the time to solve this case in the first place; if they had then perhaps Mr. Marshall wouldn’t have had to spend 11 years of his life in jail. On January 26 1990, when Mr. Marshall was cleared of the charges, Alexander Hickman, the then Chief Justice of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland said "The criminal justice system failed Donald Marshall Jr. at virtually every turn from his arrest and wrongful conviction for murder in 1971 up to and even beyond his acquittal by the Court of Appeal in 1983, I really hope that at long last one Donald Marshall Jr. will stand high in the eyes of Nova Scotians, where he deserves to stand”; with that he was also given $700,000 by the provincial government. Some may take the money and think it’s enough for what they’ve been through; others may feel that no money in the world can make for what they have been through in those years they had to spend in jail. In the film”…And Justice For All” we see judge Flemming use blackmail to get Arthur Kirkland to defend him, which he believes will show everyone just how innocent he is; if a man who hates him can defend him then he must be innocent. They had made a deal that Kirkland would defend Flemming or else he gets disbarred if he refuses....
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