Key Terms Business Communication

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Key terms

Chapter 1
Abstract word: a word that identifies an idea or feeling as opposed to a concrete object Audience: the person or persons with whom you are communicating. Communication: the process of sending and receiving messages. Concrete word: a word that identifies something the senses can perceive. Connotation: the subjective or emotional feeling associated with a word. Denotation: The literal, dictionary meaning of a word.

E-mail: a message transmitted electronically over a computer network most often connected by cable, telephone lines, or satellites. Euphemism: an inoffensive expression used in place of an expression that may offend or suggest something unpleasant. Feedback: the receiver`s reaction or response to a message.

Filter: The mental process of perceiving stimuli based on one`s knowledge, experience, and viewpoints. Formal communication network: the transmission of prescribed information through downward, upward, horizontal and cross-channel routes. Informal communication network: the transmission of information through nonofficial channels within the organization, also called the grapevine. Jargon: the technical terminology used within specialized groups. Letter: a written message mailed to someone outside the organization. Medium: the form of a message – for example, a memo, or telephone call. Memo: a written message sent to someone within the organization. Message: the information (either verbal or nonverbal) that is communicated. Noise: environmental or competing elements that distract one`s attention during communication. Nonverbal message: a nonwritten and nonspoken signal consisting of facial expressions, gestures, voice qualities, and the like. Report: an orderly and objective presentation of information that assist in decision making and problem solving. Slang: an expression, often short-lived, that identifies with a specific group people. Stimulus: an event that creates within an individual the need to communicate. Verbal...
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