Kristin’s Death

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Kristin’s Death

Kristin’s Death

Most of us sleep well at night with the assurance that if an emergency arose, we could just pick up the phone and someone would be at our door ready to assist us within a couple of minutes from making the emergency call. What would we do if your house or your safety would be threaten on a regular basis? And what if emergency personnel did not show up when we needed them the most? This paper will cover the steps taken by Kristin prior to her death and how the court system failed to keep her safe from her boyfriend.

This case is based on the death of Kristin whose author is her father. Michael Carter was Kristin’s ex-boyfriend, his past criminal record demonstrates how easy it is for criminals to get away with murder. I’m going to go over some of his past criminal record to demonstrate how Michael Cartier should have never been set free in the streets, and to demonstrate how many opportunities our justice system had to put him away in jail before he committed more crimes. I believe that the best way to present Michael’s criminal history is by covering some of the many encounters he had with our justice system prior to murdering Kristin as well as the consequences for his actions. The first arrest was 1998 for burglary, when arrested Michael was sentenced to six month in jail. However, he never served any time for this crime. Followed by a sledgehammer rampage in 1990. Another incident where our justice system failed to put Michael in jail was on March 28, 199I when another of Michael’s violent abuse victim called his probation officer. The probation officer “told Rose to get a restraining order” (Stillman, 2010). Rose Ryan sister mentioned to the probation officer that Michael had a gun in his possession, this led the probation officer to obtain a warrant for Michael Cartier’s arrest. This didn’t stop Michael from attacking rose with a pair of scissors. When Michael was finally picked up by...

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