Law Enforcement Challenges

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Law Enforcement Challenges|
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Law Enforcement Challenges|
Cheryl TraceyProfessor Gregory BlancheCIS 170 Information Technology in Criminal Justice| 11/26/2012|

There are many challenges law enforcement agencies face when investigating internet exploitation, cyber stalking, and obscenity. Few challenges include overlapping effort, lack of funding, overlapping jurisdictions, and priority. The purpose of this paper is to explain in detail the greatest challenge law enforcement agencies investigating exploitation, cyber stalking, and obscenity, the specific challenges with overlapping of jurisdictions and solutions for overcoming these challenges, and to discuss if states should have the ability to work with one another when a cyber- crime is carried out across state lines. I feel like the greatest challenge law enforcement agencies face in investigating exploitation, cyber stalking, and obscenity is issues with evidence and detection. “Data on the computer can be deleted, modified, or destroyed.”(Taylor, Fritsch, Liederbach, Holt, 2012). It is very important for evidence to be collected, preserved, and examined right away. In most cases, 24 hours proves to be too late to recover non-tampered evidence. “Some computers have automatic wiping programs in case a new person touches the wrong key on the keyboard.” ( Cyber forensics experts requires special tools which will be able to access any data available on the mass storage media including deleted files and data in unallocated disk areas. Although time is of the essence, it is very important that law enforcement agencies follow the search and seizures laws. A warrant must be issued first before any evidence can be gathered, searched, or reviewed. A major challenge to law enforcement agencies are overlapping jurisdictions. For example, “a cyber-stalker may reside in a different city or even state than...
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