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abettingthe crime of encouraging the perpetrator to commit an offence Aboriginal rightsrights that some Aboriginal peoples of Canada hold as a result of their ancestors’ longstanding use of the landabrogateto abolish or annul a law absolute dischargereleasing a convicted offender and erasing his or her criminal record after one year absolute liabilityculpability based on the commission of an actus reus without regard to the mens rea absolute privilegeprotection from legal action for statements made during legislative or court proceedings acceptancea clear indication by the offeree to enter into a contract on the terms set out by the offeror accessthe non-custodial parent’s right to visit the child when the parents separate accessory after the factsomeone who knowingly receives, comforts, or assists a perpetrator in escaping from the police accommodateto eliminate or adjust requirements or conditions to enable a person to carry out the essential duties of an activity or job accommodationthe place where people live or want to live

accused (or defendant)in criminal court, the person charged with committing a criminal offence acquittedfound not guilty of an offence (n. acquittal)
Act of Goda defence claiming that an accident is the result of an extraordinary, unexpected natural event actus reusLatin for “the guilty act”, which refers to a voluntary action, omission or state of being that is forbidden by the Criminal Code administrative lawa category of public law governing the relationship between people and government departments, boards, and agenciesadoptiona legal process by which a single person or a couple becomes the legal parent(s) of a child adulterysexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse adversarial systemthe judicial process whereby evidence is presented by two opposing parties to an impartial judge or jury affidavit of documentsa list of all documents that may be used at a trial - each side in the case has the right to examine them affinityrelationship through marriage

affirmative actiongiving advantages to groups discriminated against in the past affirmative defencea defence that justifies an accused’s criminal conduct aggravated assaultwounding, maiming, disfiguring, or endangering the life of the victim aggravated damagescompensation for intangible losses such as humiliation or distress aggravated sexual assaultthe most violent level of sexual assault that involves wounding, maiming, disfiguring, or endangering a victim’s life aggravating factorscircumstances that increase the severity of an offender’s sentence agreement to sellan agreement whereby the title is not transferred to the buyer when the contract is made, but will be transferred in the future aidinga criminal offence that involves helping a perpetrator commit a crime alibia defence raised by the accused claiming that he or she were somewhere else when the crime occurred allurementa site or object that might attract children and result in their harm; also known as an “attractive nuisance” alternative dispute resolution (ADR)a way to settle disagreements other than by litigation ameliorateto improve

amending formulathe procedure for amending the Constitution which, in Canada, requires the approval of Parliament plus two-thirds of the provinces representing 50 percent of the population (meaning must have the approval of Ontario or Quebec, who together make up 62% of the population) annulmentdeclaration by the court that a marriage never existed apartheida former policy of the South African government that involved discrimination and segregation directed against non-whites appeal an application to a higher court to review the decision made by a lower courtappearance noticea legal document, usually issued for less serious offences, compelling an accused person to appear in court appellantthe party that files an appeal

apportionment the division of fault among parties in an action arbitrationan ADR...
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