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Why Lawyers are Important

There are many types of lawyers in the world; three very important lawyers include: a Prosecuting Lawyer, a Personal Injury Lawyer, and a Criminal Lawyer. Prosecuting lawyers' are lawyers who usually work for the government to try criminal cases. A Person Injury lawyer practices in legal arguments that involve disturbance and damages. A Criminal lawyer either represents a person who has been accused of a crime or the government in prosecuting the guilty ones.

A prosecuting lawyer, who often decides the trial for which the criminal will stand on and the charge for which they will have to pay. For example, “If a person has died, the prosecutor is basically responsible for finding out whether the accused party will stand trial for manslaughter, murder, or some other type of charge.” As I read in the book, “We the Students” by Jamin B. Baskin. Also a prosecuting lawyers’s job begins before she is sure she even has a case that should be heard out in court. Even though a prosecutor is supposed to make sure justice is served and work towards a conviction, she may try and bargain with the accused criminals and their lawyers in some cases. For instance, she might try and negotiate less of a sentence or less of such a serious charge for a suspect in exchange with a them telling the court they're guilty. Which is called a guilty plea.

A personal injury lawyer is not paid by the hour for his or her services. “Personal injury lawyers generally work on a contingency fee basis; some personal injury lawyers are entitled to forty percent of the judgement.” Said by Jason Shapiro in the book “The Lawyers' Guide for Personal Injury Law”. For

instance, let us say you're walking through Walmart and you slip on the floor where there was no 'Wet Floor Sign” and you break both your legs. Walmart will then call 911, an ambulance will come and take you. Then a personal injury lawyer is called into the hospital and then...
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