Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Plea Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Citation: R .v Farrell (2002) NSWSC 375
New South Wales Supreme Court
HEARING DATE {S): 19 February 2002 to 22 February 2002, 25 February 2002 to 28 February 2002 & 12 April 2002. Parties: Regina, Jason Edward Gordon FARRELL
Criminal Law-Sentencing-Murder
The Criminal’s Guilty Mind (Mens Rea):
Jason Edward Gordon Farrell found that the decreased Liam Salter-Tully presumably broke into their flat and slept in the flat and thereby Mr Farrell was unhappy with this. The Criminal’s Guilty Act:

Mr Farrell and others decided to smack the decreased and give him a bloody nose and told him not to come back to the flat, and then later on he hit him with an empty glass bottle. After they pushed the decreased into a creek bed and continued the savage attack, as the decreased was still lying still with his face in the water and looked unconscious but the decreased actually drowned and died. Factors that might have caused Mr Farrell to commit murder:

Mr Farrell was born on 16 January 1981 and born in a Suburban Melbourne area. He and his older brother suffered violence at the hands of his own father and mother. Officers of the health department were concerned of him. When he was thirteen, his mother and father had separated. Also when he was thirteen he began to smoke Marijuana and when he was fourteen he began drinking alcohol. When he was seventeen, he heavily use of marijuana and abused alcohol heavily. At the age of fourteen he began to use some amphetamines or otherwise known as speed and also used LSD at sixteen. By the time he left the refugees and began living with Ezold and P he was addicted to the use of alcohol and well addicted to using LSD. These social, childhood and genetic factors show the reasons why Mr Farrell would have committed this crime. Reporting and the investigation of the crime:

The police have investigated and found that Mr Farrell and his associates Ezold and P have brutally bashed the decreased Liam Salter Tully and have found him at a...

Bibliography: * Reporter, 2002, R V Farrell [2002] NSWSC 375, viewed: November 27 2012,
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