Legal Hsc Effectiveness/Compliance of Law Essay

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: June 4, 2013
The majority of individuals within a society obey the law most of the time. Individuals enjoy the freedoms and protection a well-organised and, at times, well regulated society gives. It is partly for this reason that the majority complies with the law. The criminal justice system can also promote and sure greater compliance with the law on behalf of society where individuals do not comply. (Crime Prevention – Situational and Social)

Two main areas of crime prevention include situational and social crime prevention. Situational crime prevention is when the physical environment is influenced where crime occurs to deter people from committing a crime by things such as installing CCTV or installing alarm systems. Another is rational choice theory, decreasing the rewards of a crime while increasing risks and costs such as colour tags attached to clothing. Although these will not always stop a crime from being committed, people may be deterred when they know they are at risk of being obstructed or caught. Sydney Morning Herald article ‘Pink trains would make woman safer’ suggests only allowing women and children boarding pink carriages on trains as a ‘safe zone’ as it has access to guards and an alarm. This is an example of situational crime prevention and how it ensures people will comply with the law, allowing them to think twice before sexually assaulting women on trains. The second area of crime prevention is social crime prevention and it attempts to address the underlying social factors that may lead to criminal behaviour such as a poor environment or social and economic disadvantage. Funding educational programs in school to raise the education of students deemed to be ‘at risk’ and parenting workshops to provide skills and empower themselves and their children to make better life choices are examples of social preventative measures.

(Purposes of sentencing and punishment)
The courts also play a part in ensuring society complies with the law. The...
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