Life in the City

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Mid Murray Council Policy Manual

ADOPTED BY COUNCIL 12 APRIL 2010 1. PURPOSE The Mid Murray Council is committed to protecting its assets, its integrity and reputation and protecting Council members and staff from allegations of impropriety. Council members and staff must be, and be seen to be ethical, fair and scrupulous in the conduct of official duties. Staff are fully accountable and responsible for their actions and are to ensure that the methods and procedures they use to arrive at decisions are beyond reproach and can withstand audit processes and public scrutiny. The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidelines on the acceptance of gifts, benefits or hospitalities from individuals or other entities external to Council. 2. SCOPE This policy applies to the Mid Murray Council Elected Members and Council Staff. 3. POLICY STATEMENT This policy details the general principles and guidelines to assist Elected Members and Council staff on the acceptance of gifts, benefits or hospitalities that may be offered to them. 3.1 General Principles Council members and staff and their families should: 3.1.1 Avoid circumstances where accepting any gift, benefit or hospitality could give the appearance of a past, present or future conflict of interest with official Council duty, or where the offer of a gift, benefit or hospitality could be interpreted as having been made with the objective of securing, or in return for, favour or preference. 3.1.2 Refrain from soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits or prejudicial discounts and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favours or services from current or potential suppliers, contractors, persons, companies or organisations that might influence or appear to influence Council decisions.


Mid Murray Council Policy Manual

3.1.3 Not use their positions with the Council to obtain gratuities or discounts on any goods or services for their personal use from any...
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