Little Scarlet

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Apreala Tari

The novel "Little Scarlet" written by Walter Mosley. According to P16, riots is one symptom of disease that infected the city, a virus that made people unafraid of consequences of standing up for themselves , a week of fight with bottles and rocks. Riot was one way that change the city and made the people temerity. The theme of my essay is how riot brought courage to the black people and vicissitude the society . Firstly, a police traffic stop in the watts area of Los Angeles, a largely black populated area, provided the spark that ignited rioting which lasted for six days, leaving thirty four dead, more than one thousand injured, almost four thousand arrested, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. The riots was an explosion of raw anger against racism and brutality of the police, and the continued denial of basic civil rights to black people,. The embers of the watts riots are still burning. Secondly, riot has being the only way for the black people to show their venturesomeness. For example, in the novel, during the first riot, a white man was dragged from his car at the height of the hassle and escaped into a nearby apartment building. Soon afterwards, a young woman, little scarlet was found dead in the same building. The fleeing white man is the obvious suspect and the police was afraid if the riot will start all over again. The police also knew that they are not welcomed in the area and their presence will cause further riots, so they asked Easy to investigate the incident. As he investigates the murder, Easy finds that the city is changing as it emerges from the ashes. The riot has been a catalyst for that change, jolting people from their complacency and forcing some white people to acknowledge and want to change racism and injustice that were the everyday experience of black people at that time. Furthermore, riots had broken down the barriers between the black people and the white people. For...
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