M3 D1 D2 Unit 24- Aspects of Contract and Business Law

Topics: Dishonesty, Theft, Theft Act 1968 Pages: 3 (1859 words) Published: April 28, 2015
If customers saw the police coming into Nando’s then they would question why that they are there. Also, if the police became a regular presence then this would put customers off going to Nando’s and therefore Nando’s would start to lose custom and profit. If the presence of food standards officers was known inside Nando’s then customers would be careful with the food that they are eating. They could start asking the staff questions about the food and what the problem is. This would cause panic amongst customers and they would leave the restaurant and not come back. Another damaging effect would be that customers would tell people they know about food standards being in Nando’s and then they wouldn’t go. Also, this could affect a number of restaurants as people would not trust the company anymore. The more damaging authority is immigration officials as they impose big fines and if Nando’s has 10 illegal workers that is £150,000 out of Nando’s, which could potentially ruin them. This could be due to the reputation of the business becoming degraded and they start gaining bad reviews from customers and they would lose their appeal to customers. Shareholders would not want to be part of a business that employs illegal workers and they would potentially quit the company and sell their shares back which would cripple Nando’s investments. Investors put a lot of money into businesses and Nando’s may find themselves in a financial crisis if they haven’t got customers coming through the doors and their investors have gone to another company. Also, customers would question why there are illegal workers there and question Nando’s recruitment process; this could put people off from applying for a job there as well.

To prevent loss of profits and disruption in the store we should introduce new measures such as more security in store. This could be useful as plain clothes guards and uniformed guards could patrol the store which could lower the theft levels. More cctv...
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