Ma Rainey S Black Bottom Paper

Topics: Sociology, Black people, White people Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Andrea Belloso
Professor Nelson
Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 1-3:50
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom paper
There can be many social problems that could be brought upon reading this play. Wilson felt the need to state the social problems that were relevant to the era where there was a lot of racism going on and a lot of discrimination at hand. There was a lot of oppression by the white culture, racism, and the need of feeling powerless from the white people who believe to be better than the African Americans. This play shows that African Americans show a consist struggle in society to have power and sustain it. Besides the fact that these musicians are free by law, they are nevertheless oppressed by the white culture and society.

In the play, the band is to meet with the studio, but Ma Rainey is running late. She is held up by policemen and she is to be considered a diva. They play beautiful music for just mere pocket change and the band is told what to play and how to play it. The person in the play though as not really expect is Levee. He feels the oppression and racism being held up hand. Levee is remembered of a terrible past that he had to encounter which has made him upset on the white culture and white people. He wants to be able to have the power that they do. Levee’s mother is assault and his dad is killed by the white people who he sold his land too. The main theme that seems to be brought upon is the theme of oppression and the feeling of being controlled by the white society and the white culture. Levee is controlled by Ma Rainey, and his music ability is controlled by the producers who happen to be white. There is shown to be lack of power. The social problems are brought throughout the whole play. We see a lot of racism occurring throughout the play and oppression which are the major problems because it’s black against white people who seem to have the upper hand in just about anything. There is a major issue about who is holding the...
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