Main Computer Components

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1.Define hardware, giving examples: Anything which we can see when the computer is off is called hardware, some examples could be a scanner, a monitor and a printer.

2.Define software, giving examples: Anything which we can see on the screen when the computer is on is called software, some examples could be Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer

3.Describe the difference between hardware and software: The difference is that you can touch hardware unlike the software. Also you can download software’s but a hardware you have to buy it, also the hardware has an expiration time but the software doesn’t

4.Identify the main components of a general-purpose computer:

ocentral processing unit (CPU): Examples: Intel 8088, Intel Itanium, Motorola 6800, Zilog Z80

[pic] [pic]

main/internal memory (including ROM and RAM):

Types of RAM: DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) Types of ROM: Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM),
[pic] [pic]

Input devices: Examples: Cd, web camera, mouse, keyboard, digital camera

[pic] [pic] [pic]

Output devices: Examples: monitor, printer, audio output and projector


Secondary/backing storage: Examples:hard disk, USB flash drive, magnetic tape and floppy disk


5.Identify operating systems, including:

Graphic user interface (GUI): Examples: Microsoft Windows, apple system 7 and Mac OS X, GNOME, and KDE


Command-line interface: Example: java -cp org...cli.Main -s code128 "MyMessage", and java -cp org...cli.Main -o barcode.eps -f eps -s ean13 "008888650997"


6.Identify different types of computer including:

Personal computer (PC) or desktop: Examples:PC and Mac are both examples of desktops


Mainframe: Example:IBM,Burroughs, UNIVAC, NCR, Control data,Honeywell, general electric...
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