Malcolm X

Topics: Black people, White people, Racism Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The man known to as one of the most influential civil rights movement icon for black power demonstrated the anger the struggle and beliefs of African Americans during the 1960’s era. This man is known to Malcolm X who fought for a difference in the black community. Malcolm X preached about discrimination and racism in the midst all the hatred that surrounded him as well as African Americans in the community. Even in his environment was full of fear and anger this made him stronger. The murder of his father by white supremacist with the affiliation of the KKK filled him with anger in which he took and channeled as motivation to find a power tactic into revenge. But before Malcolm X, an icon for black power he had to undergo three transformations: transforming his identity of Malcolm Little to Malcolm X, his understanding and converting to the Islamic religion and lastly his trip to Mecca. These events were not only important to transforming Malcolm X but the power to change the way citizens of America especially African Americans, about how they may have felt about themselves and exposing the discriminatory practices that led to significant changes in what the legal system declared unlawful.

Being already a victim of racism during the murder of his father, he was taught as a child in grade school to not focus on being a lawyer because his skin color was destined to do something such as carpentry. Based on his outer appearance and not his intellectual ability his teacher established his social status as nothing worthy and told him it’s “no realistic goal for a nigger”. Despite his standing in his overall achievement as an African American he realized how African Americans were oppressed and inferior to whites. Even while he knew African Americans existed in the same society where they lived together but they were still considered unequal while white Americans thought they were as equal as themselves. With this in mind and the lack of a good educational...
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