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Case Study A2

a. As a Human Resource Performance Management Implementer, discuss the prior training you would give to line the four group head with reference to identifying performance gap?

Training is the most important factor in order to achieve goals more effectively. Head of groups need to be able to develop a PMS by setting objectives and standards. They should also be able to monitor these PMS and identify the weaknesses. Once these weaknesses identified, they must have the skill to communicate effectively with the staff when giving instructions and providing feedback.

b. Determine the possible reasons for Pamela’s poor performance. What would be your recommended solution to each of these possible causes?

1. Frustration and lack of motivation
Pamela has been working as the assistant of the head of department for more than eight years. She had lots of responsibilities and had owned the respect of the other employees. The authority that she had, has been removed and she must be considering her present secretary job as not important or too simple for her. Giving her more responsibilities would make her feel more important in the organisation.

2. Lack of supervision
She has been sharing the same office with Frank for eight years and even if she did not want to work, she was under the close supervision of her manager. A PMS must be put in place in order to monitor her performance and identify what is the problem.

3. Poor performance from secretaries
The secretaries working with Pamela might not be performing as required. The ‘clapped-out equipment’ and errors left in the documents brought down Pamela’s performance. Training should be provided to the staff of Pamela and appropriate equipment must be bought so that they can work effectively. c. As an HR advisor, what steps would you recommend to Ben that he take in order to lift Pamela’s level of job performance?

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