Mandatory DNA Fingerprinting

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: February 22, 2015
 The debate whether DNA Fingerprinting should be a requirement for all citizens, I believe that it shouldn’t be forced on us. Yes, it is definitely being used to solve criminal cases much easier, helping identify and prosecute the criminals. But then you have been many cases where an innocent person may have been convicted wrongly and its states that it can “mislead judges to make wrongful convictions” (Health Research Funding, 2014). According to Health Research Funding this DNA fingerprinting can also lead to discrimination and of course living in the world we live in that is a sensitive matter. For example if you were young and getting into trouble with the law, you will get your fingerprints taken. Now you’re an adult maybe trying to apply for a job and that record is now showing up and because of something that was done because you were young and bored. You just lost your chance to have a great job because of what you did when you were sixteen. Getting health coverage can be denied as well for having a criminal record. I do think those who are getting arrested for criminal charges, DUI should get there fingerprints taken have them in a database. Where for the rest of us I don’t think it is necessary and would feel violated. So no I don’t think the United States government should require all citizens to provide DNA fingerprinting. w/c 232

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References: Health Research Funding. (2014, March 21). Retrieved February 1, 2015, from
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