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 Exploration of rationale behind the use of individual education plans? 50marks 500 words. What is an I E P? It is written records that document the individualised planning process for students with special educational needs. Individualised planning is a continuous and integrated process of instruction, assessment, and evaluation, decision making and reporting. Why have an I E P? It allows the student to progress at a level commensurate with ability. It also involves collaboration between all partners. Also it focuses teaching strategies and ensures records are being kept. These are some of the matters to be specified in an education plan: (1) The nature and degree of the child’s abilities, skills and talents (2) The nature and degree of the child’s special educational needs and how those needs affect his or her educational development (3) The present level of educational performance of the child (4) The special educational needs of the child

(5) The special education and related support services to be provided to the child to enable the child to benefit from education and to participate in the life of the school (6) The goals which the child is to achieve over a period not exceeding one year. When developing an I E P they must be effective individualised and characterised by being individualised and child centred, inclusive, holistic, collaborative and also accessible. You also need to consider the child’s strengths and needs, setting learning priorities and teaching methods and strategies keeping track of progress and evaluating interventions. What to include in an I E P? A statement, based on individual assessment, of current level of functioning in each of these areas: Academic, Social, Behavioural, Perceptual, Physical, Communication and Life skills. A list of annual goals that can reasonably be expected to be accomplished by the child over an academic year. There must be a direct correlation between the annual goals and the present level of educational functioning. In addition: All goals must be measurable, observable behaviours .Goals must be realistic. Goals must be prioritised on the basis of age.

Key things to remember when carrying out an IEP
Parents and students should be included to the fullest extent possible at all times. There should be a shared responsibility for planning and collective accountability for outcomes amongst members of the IEP team. There should be a consensus on educational and other goals.

Socialisation and behavioural contexts, targets should be central elements of each child’s plan. Inclusion within peer groups can become more of a barrier to educational inclusion in mainstream setting out an IEP

Below is a list of people all involved in the IEP process:
1. The principal
2. The student
3. The parents
4. The Health Service Executive
5. The Board of Management
6. The teacher
7. Psychologists
8. The Special Needs Assistant
9. Special Educational Needs Organiser
10. I.E.P coordinator
11. The visiting teacher

The key tasks of the IEP Co-ordinator are to:
Oversee the gathering of relevant information prior to the IEP planning meeting. Arrange time, date and location of IEP meeting and invite participants. Assist in the development of the IEP.
Record information about the IEP and disseminate it.
Oversee the implementation and monitoring of the IEP.
Arrange for the review of the IEP.
Take lead responsibility in liaising with parents and with external agencies.

The student involved in the I E P can be in the meeting regarding the I E P and also provide information about his / her own learning, some talents and abilities personal interests and abilities. He / she may give feedback which will help to the monitoring and recording of the child’s progress. .


Mary Murphy
10 Knockrea Drive, Ballinlough, Co. Cork

Date of Birth


Class Teacher
Mr Holland

Resource Teacher
Ms McCarthy...
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